"My mission is to assist you in finding your strength, loving who you are, and appreciating how movement can transform your quality of life."

All About Karlie

Since I could walk I had a passion for movement. I began dancing when I was just 6 years old and it became my entire life. 

I feel so grateful to have connected to the art of dance because it truly put me on the path to where I am today. The one thing that I have always loved about dance is the way my mind disconnected with everything around me for just a bit of time, to indulge in being in your own body and moving. But most importantly, it taught me discipline. The combination of movement being a creative outlet but also physically difficult is what has shaped Re.Vibe Fitness Hub.

Not only have I studied the art of dance my entire life, over the years I have become interested in different ways to condition the body. While looking for workouts to compliment my dance training during college, I found a love for yoga. This is when my transformation began. My perspective of movement started to shift from being less about what my physical body looked like and more about the positive effect it had on my mind.

I realized that exercise is not just about the physical body.

This of course, did not happen over night. My journey through yoga teacher training allowed me to become aware of what movement does for your mental health. 

I had no idea that one day I would become a fitness instructor. I was terrified of being in front of a class of people and I was so shy. My entire life, I had social anxiety which pushed a lot of opportunities away from me. Throughout college, I was so scared to even go to class because I did not want to be put on the spot. I spent countless nights over preparing, memorizing exactly what I would say, and hoping nobody would notice I was there.


My biggest battle my entire life was my own fear of other people judging me. 

It wasn't until I forced myself into the 200 hour yoga teacher training program when I started to find my voice. I realized what a joy it was to inspire other people and have them inspire me back. 

It took me a long time to have the courage to actually become a teacher but once I did I knew that was what I was meant to be all along. 

I want to make people feel good, to experience a class that changes their day, and cultivate love for themself. 


The root of why I move my own body has evolved over time. For me, it is not just for looking fit or being able to indulge in food. I genuinely feel so amazing when I exercise. The method I have been working on for Re.Vibe sculpts long and lean muscles. My wealth of knowledge within movement comes from my history in dance. And my mental approach to this community comes from my own transformation of loving and appreciating what my body can do for me. 

Whether it is a quick 10 minute workout or a full hour in class with me, this is where you belong.

BFA Dance Performance (Arizona State University)

200 Hour Yoga Certified (Yoga Alliance)

Extensions Program Certified (Corepower Yoga)

Yoga Sculpt Certified (Corepower Yoga)